Tannoy, Chord Electronics and Chord Company at HIGH END 2024

Media guide to Tannoy, Chord Electronics and Chord Company at HIGH END 2024

Chord Electronics will be unveiling three new products: two analogue and one digital, Tannoy's Scottish team will reveal a significant new floorstander and Chord Company will be demonstrating the sonic benefits of its near-40-year cable-building experience.

Tannoy (Room/stand: Hall 4: S06-1/S06-2/S06-3)

Tannoy is set to unveil a groundbreaking new loudspeaker that pays homage to the 70th anniversary of its iconic Autograph model, a moniker that resonates with audiophiles not just in Tannoy’s British birthplace, but worldwide.

Tannoy will be throwing the covers off its latest Scottish-made creation at the show, where team members from the factory in Hamilton, Scotland, will be introducing the latest technological developments behind its famous dual concentric driver.

While the newly unveiled model will take centre stage, Tannoy will also have six recently introduced models on display, including the Stirling III LZ and Super Gold Monitor Series, while the demonstration room will showcase the benefits of dual concentric drivers.

Chord Electronics (Room/stand: A 3.1, C122)

The founder-owned-and-run specialist, one of very few British companies still hand-building in Great Britain, is set to unveil three new products at HIGH END, ahead of their official launches later in the year.

There will be two new analogue products (with a twist), plus a special pre-production prototype of a groundbreaking new digital product with five FPGAs at its core.

Chord Electronics’ founder/owner John Franks and digital design consultant Rob Watts will both be in attendance giving showgoers the rare chance to see the latest analogue and digital expertise and get first-hand accounts of the technologies within.

Chord Company (Room/stand: A 4.1, F107)

Chord Company will have its own dedicated room at HIGH END this year to showcase the latest proprietary technologies from the Wiltshire factory. Events will include demonstrating the differences between non-ARAY and Tuned ARAY/Super ARAY cables, plus non-shielded vs. shielded speaker cables.

The recently introduced PowerHAUS power distribution blocks and English Electric EE1 noise reduction devices will also be utilised throughout the event.

Chord Company’s demonstration system will feature fellow Brit Chord Electronics’ new ULTIMA INTEGRATED amplifier, an Auralic Altair G2.1 streamer, plus Spendor A7 speakers.

The room location is the same as previous years, however, for 2024, the entire space will be dedicated to Chord Company.

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