Suzi Amplifier Concept Unveiled at HIGH END 2024

Suzi amplifier concept unveiled at HIGH END 2024

Chord Electronics to reveal its latest ULTIMA-tech Suzi concept amplifiers ahead of the autumn launch

7 May 2024, Kent, England: Chord Electronics will be throwing the covers off its new Suzi amplifier concept at HIGH END 2024, ahead of its formal launch later in the autumn.

Designed by Chord Electronics’ founder/owner John Franks, the Suzi concept includes a new preamp, plus an innovative ULTIMA-tech modular power amplifier that can be used to form a conventional pre/power, or used separately with the Hugo 2 DAC or the Hugo 2/2go streamer/player to create a DAC/amplifier or a streaming amplifier.

The system comprises the new Suzi Pre preamplifier, plus the Suzi power amplifier which also allows the direct integration of the Hugo 2 or Hugo 2 and 2go.

The Suzi concept has three primary use case scenarios: as an analogue pre/power amplifier (a Suzi Pre with a Suzi); a DAC/amplifier (a Suzi with a Hugo 2), plus a streaming amplifier (a Suzi with a Hugo 2 and 2go).

The Suzi system has been conceptualised to offer consumers myriad options while accommodating existing Hugo 2 and Hugo 2/2go owners by offering a purpose-designed ULTIMA-technology amplifier solution with similar space-saving chassis dimensions.

In its most accomplished configuration of a Suzi, Hugo 2 and 2go, the system offers three distinct Chord Electronics’ proprietary audio technologies in one: amplification, digital conversion and streaming. In addition to advanced wi-fi/Ethernet streaming, the flagship arrangement also offers premium solid state library storage and playback, courtesy of 2go’s twin microSD card slots.

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Britain, the Suzi Pre and Suzi will be formally launched in the autumn, where full details, specifications and pricing will be published.

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