Tannoy to Celebrate Autograph’s 70th

Tannoy to celebrate Autograph’s 70th 

Tannoy is set to unveil the new Autograph 12 at HIGH END 2024 seven decades after its 1954 debut


8 May 2024, Hamilton, Scotland, UK: Tannoy, a proven leader in loudspeaker design and audio quality since 1926, is set to celebrate the 70thanniversary of the original Autograph loudspeaker by unveiling the new Autograph 12 at Europe’s HIGH END show on 9 May. 

The new Autograph 12 pays homage to the company’s iconic dual concentric drive unit while introducing notable contemporary features. The new speaker will be unveiled on Tannoy’s stand at HIGH END 2024, Munich, 9-12 May (Hall 4: S06-1/S06-2/S06-3) ahead of its autumn launch. 

For nearly a century, Tannoy has been at the forefront of speaker innovation. In 1947, it pioneered the field with the dual concentric design, which it has been refining ever since. 

The Autograph 12 builds upon Tannoy’s legacy, incorporating cutting-edge technology to bring the myriad benefits of dual concentric design to the modern music lover.

A two-way floorstander, optimised for larger living spaces, the Autograph 12 is assembled in Tannoy’s UK factory in Hamilton, Scotland, including the speaker’s latest-generation 12-inch dual concentric drive unit. 

Handcrafted high-density birch ply forms the premium cabinet, which is finished with a luxurious walnut veneer that’s easy to place with any décor. 

The Autograph 12 will be discoverable at HIGH END 2024 with full details, specifications and pricing available when it launches in the autumn

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