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KEN KREISEL Quattro TriFX™ Speaker Review

KEN KREISEL Quattro TriFX™ Speaker Review  KEN KREISEL more or less invented the concept of surround sound let a lone speakers, so where should we start on this type of review but what better than a little bit of history into what Ken has invented or helped invent over the past few decades of his career. Ken brought the first Surround Sound system into Home Cinema back in the mid 90’s when Dolby first brought us DD as it was then AC3 5.1 which was conceived using Kreisel speakers, it was only in its early infancy and DTS was not even a consideration but Ken was way ahead of the game when it came to speaker technology and his Sat/Sub systems were the perfect partners for what every Home Cinema enthusiast dreamed about, he also brought the first THX certified system to the masses with the stunning S150THX system which also included the much talked about Tripole technology that Ken pioneered, this is the very first true surround speaker to grace our Home Cinema and one of the finest too

KEN KREISEL DXD12012 DUO Subwoofer Review

KEN KREISEL DXD12012 DUO Subwoofer Review It is starting to become a bit of a habit now these reviews but they are thoroughly enjoyable to do, and this time round I have Ken’s top of the line subs, the DXD12012 and in DUO formation which I am familiar with from listening to and calibrating a friends pair of DUO DXD12012 subs, and to say that they are good is an understatement, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves and let me start off with some knowledge of how these subs evolved.  As you all may know Ken has some good pedigree when it comes to sub woofers, well he did invent the first powered sub-woofer back in 1977 and then went on to create the first sub/sat system the following year in the 1978, he then went on to make many subs from then on but there is a couple that stand out above the rest and these were his most powerful and most widely used in studio’s for mixing, but as always the consumer or end user like me or you got to try out his creations at home in our own Home Cine

The KEN KREISEL DXD808 Quattro Review

The KEN KREISEL DXD808 Quattro Review Yes it is that time again, time for another review and this time I revisit the DXD808 sub’s but in the best formation that Ken produced them for and that is the Quattro formation!  I have reviewed the single DXD808 which is a competent performer and I have also reviewed the DUO combination, which was a revelation in sub BASS, but now this new combination takes it to a new level, an insane level which is not for the faint hearted and I kid you not, this should only be attempted if you are fully confident about heavy objects and know exactly what you are about to unleash. OK, let’s start off by setting out what the Quattro Stack compiles of. The stack requires 3 x stacking bracket kits, and for the most practical way of connecting when you order from L Sound the subs will come with the excellent Stack Link cables which are made by L Sound and are tailored to the exact requirements so they measure up precisely and therefore you are not left wi

KEN KREISEL DXD808 DUO Sub-woofer Review Part II

KEN KREISEL DXD808 DUO Sub-woofer Review Part II And so the story continues…Part 2 is here the DUO has been with me for some time now but I have had some big changes to my system in the meantime, well since I reviewed the single DXD808 that is. My system is now all Ken Kreisel, yes that is right I have the speakers as well, hopefully you have all read my Q125 review by now and can tell how happy I am with them, that also extends to the subs performance which has been boosted by another DXD808, which when stacked forms the DUO and then becomes a fully Balanced 3D High Velocity Push-Pull-Pulsar Deep Bass Sub system!! How Ken has worded the bass system is quite clever and if you are thinking it is just marketing hype or gimmicks then you are mistaken because once you actually here a DUO in action the speed at which the bass is presented to you is in a ferocious way, and probably the snappiest and biggest hitting bass I have felt in a long time, it is as if someone walks up to you and

KEN KREISEL DXD808 Subwoofer Review Part I

Ken Kreisel DXD808 Subwoofer Review Introduction As a background to my previous history with subwoofers go it has been quite a journey starting way back in the late 90’s early 00’s when I had my first introduction into what would have been called a sub back then. This was the lowly and diminutive Rel Quake, now honestly this really could not even be considered to be a real subwoofer as it used to distort like mad and jump all over the place if any real low frequency was played through it. I soon progressed through the Rel ST range apart from the really high end models, and even tried SVS until about 2004 when I found M&K. This was the turning point for me as far as subs were concerned and when my hobby started to get really serious as the man who invented the Subwoofer in the first place had finally given me what I had been after for so long, and that is Deep Fast and articulate Bass!  I went from a V850 to an MX350MKII to then finally his last sub as what was formerly known

KEN KREISEL Q125 Speaker Review

Ken Kreisel Quattro 125 Speaker’s Review  Ken’s speakers have graced my living room for many years under the branding of M&K and they were with the K15’s, K5’s, 851’s S85’s and then finally moving on to the legendary M&K S150THX L/C/R with CS29 Column Surrounds which I still have to this day and in my system now.  They have mastered many films in the industry and his Timeline shows just how great the man is when it comes to designing speakers and subs, and no one else can imitate him as he has the credentials and no one else that is for sure.  When I first heard that the new speakers were going to feature a quad array of tweeters per speaker I knew then that obviously these were clean sheet designs and this was the next generation of speakers that were entering the speaker world, yes we have seen the three tweeter array in the S150 but never a quad array so this was something special, and each tweeter individually having its own crossover so that imaging would be of course