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Melco adds Roon 1.8 and more with New Firmware Out Today

New firmware readies Melco’s digital music libraries for the all-new Roon 1.8   Melco’s latest 4.10 firmware enables its Japanese-engineered libraries for the latest version of Roon 25th February, 2021, Surrey, UK:  Leading digital music library specialist Melco Audio has today released a new over-the-air firmware update (4.10) which brings Roon Ready integration to its five-strong  EX Series  of digital libraries, enabling them to exploit the full potential of Roon 1.8. The new update, which has already been automatically sent to owners of Melco’s current EX Series (or  EX Series- updated ) digital music libraries, can be simply installed by users from the front panel, with just a few button presses.  Roon Ready integration adds yet another benefit to the feature-packed Melco EX Series platform, which enables music playback in the highest possible quality thanks to Melco’s unrivalled digital audio engineering, which eschews the use of standard IT parts for the ultimate sound quality.

Neil Young Archives gets cookin’ with Mojo

Neil Young Archives gets cookin’ with Mojo Chord Electronics’ Mojo delivers the full resolution of the mighty Neil Young Archives 23rd February 2021, Kent, UK:  In a new article posted on the Neil Young Archives, Neil Young and Phil Baker describe how they  currently use  Chord Electronics’ Mojo DAC/headphone amplifier  with their phones and desktops.  They  created a web page dedicated to correct Mojo set up to help their members enjoy all that Neil Young Archives has to offer, at full resolution. In the ‘ Let’s Get Cookin’ with SOUND! ’ article  (,  NYA author Phil Baker introduces the British-built Mojo and the simple recipe for ‘Xstream’ sound quality, which includes Apple’s Lightning to USB Camera Adapter and the Neil Young Archives.  Describing Chord Electronics’ Mojo Baker writes, ‘The Mojo, designed and built in the UK, is one of the best portable DACs/amplifiers available at any price. It’s what Neil and I use with our phones, iPads

McIntosh Labs MCD85 SACD/CD Player

McIntosh breathes new life into CD collections and adds USB connectivity for today’s digital devices New  MCD85 SACD/CD Player  brings advanced McIntosh technologies to CD/SACD collections  and  USB devices February 18th, 2021 , Binghamton, NY, USA :  McIntosh has launched the  MCD85 SACD/CD Player,  a new compact-chassis device which brings the latest McIntosh digital technologies to lifetime-built CD and SACD collections, plus USB connectivity for McIntosh sound quality from everyday digital devices. Designed to complement the recently launched  MC830 Solid State Amplifier  and  C8 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier , the new open-chassis  MCD85 SACD/CD Player has been painstakingly hand-built for both CD/SACD and contemporary music-listening.  In addition to CD/SACD playback, the MCD85 SACD/CD Player benefits from a USB input which supports high-resolution audio (up to DSD256 and DXD 384 kHz). The device’s advanced internal DAC enables playback from smart devices, computers and USB-equipped d

Fine Sounds UK Continues Its Expansion

Fine Sounds UK continues its expansion adding  ex-B&W Business Development Manager Matt Peddle The UK’s McIntosh, Sonus faber and Bassocontinuo distributor continues its impressive growth plan  16th February 2021, Glenrothes, Scotland:  Fine Sounds UK, the country’s fastest-growing high-end audio distributor and UK home to McIntosh, Sonus faber and Bassocontinuo, is continuing its UK investment programme with the appointment of ex-Bowers and Wilkins Business Development Manager, Matt Peddle. Matt brings an enormous amount of experience to Fine Sounds UK, gained from his three-and-a-half-year tenure at one of the world’s best-known audio companies, a seven-year appointment at the UK’s biggest A/V cable specialist, Chord Company, plus eight years as a custom installer. He will continue the role of Business Development Manager for FSUK, covering the South of England with the McIntosh, Sonus faber and Bassocontinuo brands. Commenting on the appointment, Fine Sounds UK’s Managing Direct

McIntosh Labs MHA200 Headphone Amplifier

Legendary McIntosh sound quality for headphones   Luxurious valve  MHA200 headphone amplifier delivers the full performance from today’s premium headphones February 4th, 2021, Binghamton, NY, USA : McIntosh’s new  MHA200 Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier  takes full advantage of the company’s unique technologies to deliver the best possible performance from today’s premium-quality headphones. The MHA200 benefits from   luxurious valves and a raft of proprietary features.  Highly versatile with wide-ranging connectivity options, the MHA200 Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier is compact enough (15.6 cm wide x 23.2 cm deep) to be placed close to the listening position with its long balanced cables connecting it to audio systems without fear of signal loss. Proprietary features, such as the advanced Unity Coupled Circuit transformers, have been adapted so that virtually  any  headphones can receive the legendary McIntosh sound quality and performance. The Unity Coupled Circuit is the same techno