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Chord Cables Epic RCA 1M Interconnects Review

Chord Cables have been in my HiFi systems for as long as I can remember and for a good reason too in that they are so damn good and amongst the best cables made for this great hobby of HiFi. There is a lot of people who are very sceptical about cables and the improvements that they bring but after nearly 30 years of trying and buying many different ones ranging from a few pounds to many thousands some real and very good benefits can be had from choosing the right cables for your system. It has to be relevant with the electronics that you are using and in my time of listening some of the biggest improvements has been with Chord Company Cables. When I had my previous website I wrote a review of the Chord Sarum T Interconnects and these are and were the best cables I had ever introduced into any system that I had with the biggest sonic improvements that I was hearing, bass, top end, midrange and imaging all improved and the overall listening experience was so much better. When I shut the

ProAc Response D2R Speakers Review

This will be my fourth ProAc speakers review and it seems as though this British speaker brand can do no wrong when it comes HiFi. Over the years I have listened to nearly all of the recent designs dating back to the early nineties early noughties and many of them have captured my attention because of their sheer musicality and beautiful music that they are able to create. I always remember walking in to a dealership and listening to the massive but simply sublime D80 Speakers being powered by Meridian electronics, they sounded so good and I really wanted a pair but like most people that just was not possible at the time. I have gone through many brands but always seem to come back to the ProAc family of Speakers and in particular the Response range which IMO are some of the best speakers at any price. Going back to my first pair which was the Response D15's which I loved for many years and then D25's and D28's which I found to be even better, offering more of everything th


FIRST-EVER AUTOMOTIVE REFERENCE SYSTEM FROM MCINTOSH ® FEATURED IN 2022 GRAND WAGONEER  The Legend in Luxury Audio Boosts Wagoneer’s Return to Luxury Vehicles Binghamton, NY (March 11, 2021) - - McIntosh Laboratory is world-famous for its unparalleled luxury home audio systems. Today, McIntosh is proud to announce two extraordinary McIntosh Entertainment Systems—the  MX1375 Reference Entertainment System  and the  MX950 Entertainment System  are going to hit the road in the upcoming 2022 Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer.   Both vehicles will be available in mid-2021 .  The McIntosh MX1375 Reference Entertainment System (RES) has been meticulously designed and engineered to meet exacting standards and bring reference quality sound to the road. Its Adaptive 3D Surround Processing capabilities delivers an immersive acoustic experience that produces sonic imaging and spatial detail that doesn’t just sound sensational but transports you to the performance. The McIntosh MX950 Entertainment System

Chord Electronics Hugo TT2 & Hugo M Scaler Review

The Chord Electronics company based in the UK continue to astound with their ever growing library of fantastic designs and having owned and listened to many of their products over the years they never fail to impress me with their quality and attention to detail which are second to none. They are also never one to sit idle as they seem to be continuously working on updating and bringing out new and improved versions of what has made them such a success. In these strange times it’s always nice to see a company from the UK do so well and always strive to be the best in what they do and create. I reviewed the original Hugo TT back in 2016 IIRC and it was a stunning performer back then but this new version has had some major overhauls with every component upgraded, power supplies bolstered and uprated to much higher levels than previously seen and this is where it also improves on its smaller brother the Hugo2 giving more power to the power hungry circuitry and an almost limitless supply t

Estelon Decorates Interiors with High-End Audio!

The Estonian high-end audio company manufactures the most luxurious loudspeakers that fit perfectly into modern homes. The Estelon speakers are the result of 35+ years of experience, research and development, and they have been acknowledged for performing the most realistic and ‘life-like’ sound. They offer the ultimate sonic experience through the most effortless transparent reproduction, maintaining the unique stylish design with clear curves that eliminate the effects of reflective diffraction. With prices starting from US$25.000 (20.000€) and going up to US$259.000 (200.000€) for the most prestigious flagship model, the Estelon loudspeakers sport an innovative design and their minimalist influence is clearly visible. A designer’s statement in a spectacular sound system form, which requires over 1000 man-hours for each speaker to be produced. The enclosure of this sophisticated technology comes in a range of premium gloss and matte colours to please the eyes as it pleases the ears.