Chord Cables Epic RCA 1M Interconnects Review

Chord Cables have been in my HiFi systems for as long as I can remember and for a good reason too in that they are so damn good and amongst the best cables made for this great hobby of HiFi. There is a lot of people who are very sceptical about cables and the improvements that they bring but after nearly 30 years of trying and buying many different ones ranging from a few pounds to many thousands some real and very good benefits can be had from choosing the right cables for your system. It has to be relevant with the electronics that you are using and in my time of listening some of the biggest improvements has been with Chord Company Cables. When I had my previous website I wrote a review of the Chord Sarum T Interconnects and these are and were the best cables I had ever introduced into any system that I had with the biggest sonic improvements that I was hearing, bass, top end, midrange and imaging all improved and the overall listening experience was so much better. When I shut the website down I thought I had all my reviews saved but unfortunately that particular review was missing and is lost forever but the profound affect is everlasting and I remember the great benefits that those cables had, moving on some 4 years and I am back with a new smaller system but still with a great sound, I have wired it out with all Chord cables even down to the power cables so as to keep it consistent. And for this short review I have the Chord Epic Interconnects which I have been listening to for about 6 weeks now. Before connecting these up I was using the Chord Company C Line which are again really good quality cables but not quite up to what I wanted for my current system.

While using these cables I have written 2 reviews for my blog and used them with the Chord Electronics Hugo TT2 and also from my Cyrus Audio CD8SE player and in both situations the sound quality had improved with better dynamics, tigher bass and a more open top end, swapping to the C-Line cables takes the sound slightly out of focus and lessens the quality of the overall sound. The type of materials used is what makes these cables really stand out as it all has an impact on the sound even to the material used for the RCA plugs which helps with the dampening/mechanical noise and quality of the connection between components, with a special braid for shielding and the unique Tuned Aray conductor geometry, all of this goes into what makes these cables so special and gives greater improvements in dynamics and detail resolution compared to the more affordable cables in their line of products and ultimately better sound which is what these Epic interconnects bring to the mix. 

My goal with my current system and also for future addon’s is to have a whole loom with Chord Epic cabling, more RCA’s, USB’s, Coaxial and Epic speaker cables so that it is singing to its full potential as I will more than likely be bi-amping my speakers and this is the minimum level that I want for my current system as the sound with these cables in place is nearly perfect. 
My main use now with the RCA cables is from my CD player and the Cyrus Audio CD8SE is already an excellent player but with the Epic cables in place it elevates the sound with better dynamics and an even tighter bass on the ProAc’s which was already fast and agile, it’s like my system has been tuned to work with these cables the synergy between them is brilliant, such a good match and worthy of this upgrade for anyone who takes their HiFi seriously and wants to extract every last ounce of performance from their equipment.

I will be doing a full review once I have a full loom of Chord Epic Cables but for now I am just enjoying listening to this system I have in place so watch this space.

The Chord Company Epic RCA 1M Interconnects gets a Highly Recommended award from The Speaker Shack as they are truly Epic by name and Epic in sound.

Price at time of review £400 for 1M lengths.


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