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English Acoustics Launch Stereo 21c Amplifier

Situated deep in the heart of Wiltshire, English Acoustics, a new British Audio start-up, is launching with an all British made product, the Stereo 21c Valve Amplifier. Capitalising on a classic retro style with modern twists, and added safety features, the Stereo 21c comes in bespoke colours according to the customer’s preference. English Acoustics Stereo 21c Valve Amp in Atlantis Blue Bespoke Colours With colourful names such as Cotswold Blue, Marlborough Red, Lansdowne Gold and Stonehenge Silver; each bespoke ‘21c leaves the workshop, stamped with the official ‘Made in Britain’ certification. The ‘21c represents the first in a series of high-end products launching in 2021. Hand Built The English Acoustics Stereo 21c is a hand built 20watt ultra linear valve amplifier with CNC-Machined transformer casings made from a billet of aluminium. It has hand-wound transformers from a local British manufacturer and paper in oil capacitors used throughout with point to point valve socket wiring

Chord Company Bridges

Chord Company Bridges the sound quality gap The new  Chord Company Bridge  shorting plug uses proprietary techniques to reduce HF noise 21st December 2020, Wiltshire, England:  The new  Chord Company Bridge  is a high-quality British designed and engineered shorting plug, created to reduce high-frequency noise interference in high-performance hi-fi equipment. Offering protection from noise for devices with unused power supply upgrade ports, such as Naim Audio’s NDX and NDX 2 audiophile network music players, the Chord Company Bridge shorting plug works by reducing HF noise on the critical signal ground. Hand-built in the UK, the Bridge offers an instant upgrade over the basic unshielded shorting plugs supplied with audio equipment, introducing a no-compromise, noise-reduced solution for discerning audiophiles. Benefiting from a high-quality heavy-gauge machined aluminium chassis for both acoustic and electrical isolation, the Chord Company Bridge also offers the Wiltshire company’s fla

Get into the Groove with Groove

It's always nice to get approached by passionate and fellow HiFi creators, so when I was messaged on Social Media asking if I could look at this Interesting brand by the name of Groove-Soundsystems I was obviously keen to help out . So once I got to look at the speakers and amplifiers I  was more than happy to put something together for my blog but also to help get some of these great looking speakers and amplifiers onto my social media platform for more people to see what they can do. groove-soundsystems groove-soundsystems incorporates amplifiers into unique cases, thus blending sound and appearance into pleasant harmony. Matched loudspeakers are made of strikingly grained wood and exceptional membranes, what makes each sound system an individual manufactured one. The speakers as you can see from the promotional video are wood veneers but so are their amps which give them a unique look, a retro appeal and in this day and age where everything needs to be carbon friendly these look

New Kiseki MC Phono Cartridges

Kiseki BlackHeart N.S.     Initially, the Kiseki BlackHeart model was introduced in the ’80s. Like then, the body of the new Kiseki BlackHeart N.S. has been machined out of solid Blackheart wood, but has now the smaller size ( short body ), like our Kiseki Blue N.S. The motor is based on the same parts we are using for the other current Kiseki NS models. The Kiseki BlackHeart NS is the first model using a solid nude diamond mounted IN and THROUGH the cantilever, instead of mounted ON the cantilever. This results in a mechanically better construction for better signal reproduction as well as higher reliability. Kiseki PurpleHeart N.S. ( Short Body )   Like the PurpleHeart N.S. ( Long Body ), our short body Kiseki PurpleHeart N.S. has been machined out of solid Purpleheart wood, but has now the smaller size ( short body ), like our Kiseki Blue N.S. The motor is based on the same parts we are using for the other current Kiseki N.S. models. We have chosen for a Short Body to make it easier