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Chord Electronics' New Hugo 2/2go Cases

New Hugo 2/2go premium leather cases offer stylish protection both at home and away   High-quality premium leather protective cases add a touch of class to the award-winning Hugo 2 and 2go 25th January 2021, Kent, UK:  Chord Electronics has launched two new high-quality premium leather protective cases for the multi-award-winning Hugo 2 DAC/headphone amplifier and 2go streamer/server combination. The new cases offer stylish protection from knocks and scratches whether at home or away, and come in two variants: the  Hugo 2/2go case and the  Hugo 2/2go carry case  which adds a shoulder strap. The cases have been styled by Chord Electronics’ founder, owner and Chief Designer, John Franks. Luxuriously finished, the premium leather cases offer a snug fit that perfectly cossets both the Hugo 2 and 2go’s machined-aluminium casework when the devices are connected. The clever design gives unrestricted access to Hugo 2’s connectivity suite of inputs and headphone outputs, iconic viewing porthole

Bassocontinuo’s new Italian-made Classic Line 2.1 Launches

Bassocontinuo’s new Italian-made  Classic Line 2.1  A/V racks range is backed by independent lab testing New  Classic Line 2.1  offers Italian-made style and luxury, coupled with measurement-backed lab-testing for peace of mind 12th January 2021, Fife, Scotland (Fine Sounds UK):  Bassocontinuo, the specialist Italian equipment support manufacturer, has launched a new range of entry-level measurement-backed equipment supports, the  Classic Line 2.1 . The new range (which directly replaces the previous Classic Line   2.0) is entirely made in Italy and offers both improved aesthetics and performance over its predecessor. Bassocontinuo’s goal for the Classic Line 2.1 was to create a highly versatile range, with a decidedly affordable price and impeccable technical features. Accordingly, the Classic Line 2.1   now benefits from full modularity (as seen in the company’s upmarket Reference line), enabling owners to build a bespoke equipment support specific to their needs; additional shelves

Estelon Forza Anniversary Edition loudspeaker

Estelon is excited to present the Forza Anniversary Edition loudspeaker, inspired by the company’s 10th successful year! The Estelon Forza, which personifies technologies trickled-down from the Extreme (Estelon’s ultimate flagship model), was introduced in 2019 and has already received much worldwide recognition and numerous awards. Estelon is now releasing a special Anniversary Edition that is limited in production to a total of 10 pairs. It features a combination of Black Pearl Gloss and Gold accents highlighting its elegant curves, presenting a truly luxurious finish. The Anniversary Edition is now available! Timeless Design, Powerful Performance Each Estelon Forza speaker is a 4-way design with two woofers, one mid-woofer, one midrange driver, and one tweeter designed and produced by the premium driver manufacturer, Accuton. The two custom-made 250 mm (11-inch) aluminum-sandwich woofers can reproduce extremely deep and accurate bass, while the 190 mm (8-inch) aluminum-sandwich mid-