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Melco S100 Audiophile Data Switch Review

I have been using network switches for quite some time and especially in my audio systems when streaming and listening to high resolution audio files. Having a dedicated switch for my audio never even crossed my mind until recently when I started seeing companies introduce them but Melco Audio have such good history in the computer industry being part of the Buffalo and networking giant. Noise is the biggest problem for audio systems and isolating the components that cause or create noise in your network is key and Melco Audio have crafted this beautiful S100 into the perfect addition to its line of digital library streamers and in fact any audio device that requires a network connection.  Features and build quality Like the N100 that I just reviewed the S100 is the same width and depth but this unit finished in brushed silver, it looks and feels so well built with added vabration dampening and shielding, it came with Melco Audio’s own network cable which has gold plated connectors. Th