Sonus faber Sonetto G2 Loudspeaker Collection


Thursday 9th May, 2024 – Sonus faber is pleased to announce the launch of the Sonetto G2 collection, a new generation of the iconic audio brand’s award-winning Sonetto series, featuring seven new speakers designed to take the listening experience to new heights.


As is the brand’s tradition, the Sonetto G2 collection is the result of Sonus faber’s relentless pursuit of sonic excellence. The Sonetto G2 collection stands out for its bespoke approach to design, particularly in the custom engineering of each individual driver. Every driver in the Sonetto G2 series is meticulously crafted specifically for this collection – the first to incorporate acoustic technologies developed for Sonus faber’s groundbreaking Suprema system, which was introduced earlier this year. In the Sonetto G2 series, audio enthusiasts around the world will now be able to enjoy the same artisanal excellence and high-level audiophilia that was once reserved only for Sonus faber's flagship audio systems.


The Sonetto G2 collection includes a complete range of speakers, including stand-mount, floor-standing, and wall-mount options, designed to meet the needs of every listener, whether a music enthusiast or a professional audiophile. Each speaker has been constructed with high-quality materials and finished with the utmost attention to detail, embodying the very essence of Italian craftsmanship.  


Priced starting at £1,150, the Sonetto G2 series is available for purchase starting in July 2024.

Join Sonus faber at High End Munich in room F109 where they will be showcasing the new Sonetto G2 range.


Visit their dedicated listening space in room F114, featuring a Sonus faber Stradivari loudspeaker system, and a host of flagship McIntosh products.



       The legacy of Sonus faber's recently released flagship Suprema speakers lives on in the innovative internal cork chamber.  As featured in the Sonetto V and Sonetto VIII models, the design elevates the audio to new heights by enhancing midrange resolution and natural sound quality. Designed to be purely organic in shape and devoid of regular interior walls, this innovative approach ensures a seamless flow of sound waves within the chamber and allows for precise control over sound propagation and resonance.

       Like Suprema, the Sonetto VIII, Sonetto V and Sonetto Center also feature the Camelia Midrange Speaker, left unpainted to ensure 100% sound purity and featuring an organic basket and a phase plug made of aluminium for smooth frequency response and clarity, both on and off axis.

The mid woofers and woofers surround feature a unique floral pattern that not only adds a visual touch of elegance but also helps reduce interference and increase linear range. 


       The lute shape of the speakers, an iconic design feature of Sonus faber, optimises sound dispersion for an immersive listening experience.

       The high-quality wood cabinet has been further enhanced with a new concrete base, providing superior stability and better vibration management for impeccable sound performance.

       The woofer features a paper pulp sandwich cone for precise and dynamic bass response, paired with an organic basket for optimal air flow. Motors include aluminium demodulation rings to improve linearity.

       The tweeter in the Sonetto G2 collection features state-of-the-art Silk Dome DAD™ (Damped Apex Dome) technology. With a response extending beyond 30kHz thanks to the incorporation of a copper cup, the tweeter reproduces the finest nuances in the audio spectrum, ensuring exceptional clarity and detail in sound reproduction.

       Sonetto G2 collection’s phase coherent crossover technology ensures precise synchronisation of the drivers' phase rotations, creating maximum parallelism. This meticulous alignment results in a soundstage that is incredibly defined and palpable, allowing listeners to experience music with a heightened sense of realism and immersion.

       Sonetto VIII and Sonetto V feature a hybrid IFF and paracross topology crossover network, which was first introduced with the Sonus faber Lumina V.

       Included in the Sonetto I and II models, the Intono construction solution prevents spurious frequencies and distortions inside the vent. This technology aims to achieve quieter resonances for improved sound performance.

       The Sonetto G2 collection features a new optimised reflex duct design in each model:

o   Sonetto I and II models utilise a front reflex duct

o   Sonetto III utilises rear and down-firing reflex ducts

o   Sonetto V and VIII models feature down-firing reflex ducts

o   Sonetto CI utilises a rear reflex duct

       The Sonetto G2 Wall model boasts a sealed box design, optimising transient response and reactivity. By minimising air leaks and internal resonances, the sealed enclosure enables quicker transients, enhancing the speaker's ability to faithfully reproduce the dynamic nuances of music with exceptional accuracy and immediacy.


The Sonetto G2 series features a host of classic Sonus faber design highlights, including:

       Mid-high unity flange wrapped in leather (inspired by Olympica Nova and Stradivari)

       45° angle top wood finish 

       Metal finished rings around all drivers

       Single driver dust grills


The series also features design highlights that are new to Sonus faber products, including:

       The inclusion of a concrete base, which not only enhances stability and minimises vibrations but also adds a modern and industrial aesthetic element to the speakers, complementing the classic wood and leather finishes. Concrete bases come with rubber feet, with optional spikes.

       The round binding post cover, adorned with the Sonus faber logo, serves both a functional and decorative purpose. Designed specifically for bi-wiring binding posts, it ensures the integrity of connections while adding a touch of refinement to the rear panel of the speakers.

Wood finish options include:

       Open pore fine wood finish, which showcases the natural beauty of the wood grain while providing a tactile and visually appealing texture. This finish enhances the organic feel of the speakers, creating a harmonious blend of aesthetics and craftsmanship.

       The wood grain in the new Sonetto G2 collection is meticulously crafted to achieve a higher level of detail and refinement. Each speaker's wood finish is expertly executed to highlight the unique character and texture of the wood, resulting in a truly exquisite visual presentation.

       The Sonetto G2 collection offers a choice of three elegant colours: walnut, wenge, and piano black. Each is carefully selected to complement various interior styles and preferences, providing versatility and sophistication to discerning audiophiles. 



       Sonetto I: £1,750.00

       Sonetto II: £2,200.00

       Sonetto III: £4,000.00

       Sonetto V: £5,500.00

       Sonetto VIII: £7,000.00

       Sonetto Center: £2,250.00

       Sonetto On Wall: £1,150.00

       Sonetto I-II G2 Stand: £800.00



       Sonetto I: 1,999.00 €

       Sonetto II: 2,499.00 €

       Sonetto III: 4,499.00 €

       Sonetto V: 5,999 €

       Sonetto VIII: 7,499.00 €

       Sonetto Center:  2,499.00 €

       Sonetto On Wall: 1,249.00 €

       Sonetto I-II G2 Stand: 899.00 €


       Sonetto I: $ 1,999.00

       Sonetto II: $ 2,749.00

       Sonetto III: $ 4,499.00

       Sonetto V: $ 6,499.00

       Sonetto VIII: $ 7,999.00

       Sonetto Center: $ 2,499.00

       Sonetto On Wall: $ 1,499.00

       Sonetto I-II G2 Stand: $ 899.00 

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