Hi-Fi Rose RA-280 Integrated Amplifier

Hi-Fi Rose RA-280 Integrated Amplifier

The latest amplifier to come out of this Korean based manufacturer with a no nonsense approach and retro styling this looks like another great addition to the current line up.

The RA280 is an integrated amplifier that inherits the innovative technologies used in HiFi Rose RA180Enjoy pure natural sound as close to the original sound as you can get with the RA280: a near-perfect sound that transcends the boundaries between digital and analogue technologies with excellent linearity achieved through strong power damping and short dead time. The HiFi Rose RA280 offers a special listening experience that lets you feel the true essence of music.

Class AD Amplifier with Next-Generation GaN FET

HiFi ROSE’s RA280 is equipped with Class AD amplifier technology using GaN(gallium nitride) FET, providing sound quality that exceeds the limitations of regular class D amplifiers. This innovative technology offers the efficiency and power characteristics of class D amplifiers, but reduces power consumption and delivers detailed sound quality through high-power amplification. Additionally, linear output is achieved using the GaN FET, providing the same smooth and natural sound quality as an analog amplifier.

High-Efficiency Power Supply

The HiFi Rose RA280 is equipped with a power supply circuit independently developed by HiFi ROSE that uses silicon carbide FET instead of silicon FET, providing both efficiency and stability.Since the silicon Carbide FET features higher power efficiency and lower heat generation compared to conventional silicon FETs, the RA280 is able to maintain stable high output while minimising heat generation to deliver the best sound quality. By adopting a 2.5kW PFC circuit and a super-capacitor, it provides excellent performance even under load, ensuring stability and reliability.

Phono Amplifier that Supports Moving Magnet

HiFi Rose RA280’s phono amp supports moving magnet cartridge input with a simple switch selection. This amplifies very weak audio signals without coloration, providing the best sound quality. Utilising HiFi ROSE’s high-precision compensation circuit, it delivers audio signals close to the original sound and perfectly implements essential functions for high-quality music playback. You can activate this feature by simply selecting a switch, allowing you to enjoy richer, more vivid sound.

Two Completely Separated Mono Amplifier Modules

The RA280 is designed with two separate amplifier modules that operate like a mono amplifier, supporting 250W (4Ω and 8Ω) for the left and right amplifiers respectively, offering 500W output on a stereo channel. Two-stage analogue filter technology designed by HiFi ROSE is applied for the best sound quality, improving frequency response characteristics, dramatically reducing noise caused by switching of class D amplifiers, and providing clean and articulate sound quality. This technology allows you to experience evolved sound with an analogue feel.

Balance Control for Bass and Treble

The default output trend of the RA280 is flat and equipped with a tone control function, allowing for ±15dB adjustment of bass(100Hz) and treble(10kHz). The tone control circuit is equipped with a high-fidelity active EQ(OP-AMP: 12dB Slope) instead of passive(CR), with a gentle 6dB slope.

UK Price £2,999

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