Chord Company Offers Free DIN Guide for Naim Users

Chord Company offers free DIN guide for Naim users

Chord Company helps thousands of Naim owners with a FREE six-page PDF connections guide

20th April 2021, Wiltshire, England: With thousands of Naim Audio devices in circulation around the world, Chord Company has produced an invaluable in-depth guide to DIN connectivity, to help Naim users get the best out of their investment.

Chord Company’s free downloadable PDF, Chord Company DIN Connections, provides helpful information on all aspects of DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung) cabling, including a DIN model breakdown for all budgets, plus a guide to DIN history and upgrading.

The free six-page PDF also includes a comprehensive DIN ‘cable combinations’ chart, plus a comprehensive compatibility table, matching Naim equipment to a wide variety of Chord Company cable solutions and accessories. Users of legacy Quad equipment can benefit, too.

The free guide also includes details of further upgrades for Naim users, including Chord Company’s recently introduced Burndy power/signal interconnect cables, plus the new Chord Company Bridge, a high-quality British designed and engineered shorting plug, created to reduce high-frequency noise interference in equipment with unused power supply upgrade ports.

In addition to this new DIN guide, Chord Company’s cable experts are always on hand to answer questions and can be reached using the company’s dedicated help service:

Price and availability

Chord Company DIN Connections is a free PDF download from


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