New Top-of-Range GT2 NCF USB-B Cable From Furutech

 New top-of-range GT2 NCF USB-B cable from Furutech...

Furutech, manufacturer of ultra-refined audio and video cable and accessories, announces the release of the GT2 NCF USB-B, a new top-of-range USB cable designed for discerning listeners seeking the pinnacle of USB 2.0 connectivity.

Crafted with precision and incorporating cutting-edge technology for unrivalled performance, the GT2 NCF USB-B features silver-plated OCC conductors treated with Furutech’s proprietary two-stage ‘Alpha’ process for enhanced conductivity, and high-density polyethylene insulation for optimal signal transmission. Its three-layer shielding and 24k gold-plated USB 2.0 connectors minimize noise interference, resulting in improved imaging and soundstaging.

Central to the GT2 NCF USB-B is its innovative connector shell, boasting a multi-material hybrid construction that harnesses the power of Furutech’s own unique crystalline NCF (Nano Crystal² Formula) material. NCF, which is the result of Furutech’s 30-plus year effort to eliminate electrical and mechanical resonance from signal and power transmission in high performance audio and video applications, features two 'active' properties: first, it eliminates static by generating negative ions, and second, it converts thermal energy into far infrared. Furutech enhances this material with nano-sized ceramic particles and carbon powder, leveraging their piezoelectric effect damping properties.

The new GT2 NCF USB-B cable offers a dramatic reduction in noise to deliver smooth and detailed sound reproduction with an enhanced level of depth and focus. Low frequencies resonate cleaner with unparalleled definition, ensuring that every note is rendered with utmost clarity and precision, with enriched harmonics and perfectly balanced tonalities.

Pricing & availability 

Furutech’s GT2 NCF USB-B (Type A-B) is available now, in a variety of lengths, priced as follows (including VAT). 

0.6m £140 

1.2m £165 

1.8m £190 

2.5m £215 

3.6m £260 

5.0m £320

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