ATC LAUNCHES SCM20ASL Limited Edition Active Loudspeaker

ATC LAUNCHES SCM20ASL Limited EditionActive Loudspeaker


In celebration of its 50th Anniversary, ATC is proud to announce the release of an exclusive new active stand mount loudspeaker: the SCM20ASL Limited Edition. 



Limited to just 150 pairs, the 2-way active stand-mount design is finished in a stunning high gloss lacquer in the ATC company dark blue. Complementing the cabinet, the front baffle is hand-upholstered in royal blue full-grain napa leather by German leather specialists Eissmann. The exterior alloy components feature a silver anodised finish in striking contrast to the blue lacquer and leather of the cabinet and baffle.  


The SCM20ASL Limited Edition continues ATC’s philosophy of combining the best in-house loudspeaker drive units with matched on-board active amplification for optimal fidelity. The new model integrates a 2-way active system, previously only available in a floor standing model, into a smaller stand-mount cabinet. The SCM20ASL Limited Edition features ATC’s proprietary 150mm/6” ‘Super Linear’ Mid/Bass driver paired with a 25mm/1” ‘S-Spec’ dual-suspension tweeter. The bass driver operates in a 20-litre sealed cabinet and power is provided by on-board class A/B MOSFET power amplifiers, capable of delivering 200W and 50W continuous power to the bass and HF drivers respectively. The loudspeaker crossovers are active, analogue 2nd order Linkwitz-Riley and an all-pass filter is included to optimise the phase response through the crossover region, resulting in far improved tonal balance and imaging.


Input to the loudspeaker is via balanced XLR, located on the rear panel and there are user controls for input sensitivity and low frequency shelf cut/boost. The input sensitivity control allows the user to tailor the input gain to suit their source/pre-amplifier combination, resulting in more consistent performance.

The low frequency shelf control gives the user the option to subtly adjust the bass response to suit their room and/or their personal taste. The speaker is supplied with a removeable grille, wrapped in dark blue acoustically transparent cloth.


To support the SCM20ASL Limited Edition, a limited run of 20 of ATC’s new 12” active subwoofer, the C4 Sub Mk2 Limited Edition, has been produced. These limited edition subs feature a matching gloss blue cabinet, leather upholstered baffle and silver anodised amp hardware.    


Why Active?

In the quest for the best possible performance, all highquality loudspeaker system manufacturers will have struggled with the limitations of passive crossover networks. Whilst excellent results are possible from passive systems, a multi-way loudspeaker system will only realise its true potential if implemented as an active design. There are a few practical and economic reasons why passive speakers have remained so popular in the Hi-Fi market but, focusing on objective performance alone, active loudspeaker systems offer the following advantages:


• More accurate crossovers due to fixed filter ‘load’.
• Wider practical choice of crossover type/shape due to active line level operation.
• Greater dynamic range due to elimination of passive crossover losses.
• Ideally matched amps and more efficient use of amplifier power.
• Improved frequency response and stereo matching due to speaker-amp calibration.
• Better driver control: a more direct connection to the drivers with far lower electrical   resistance.
• Lower inter-modulation distortion due to reduced amplifier operating bandwidth.


ATC SCM20ASL Limited Edition and C4 Sub Mk2 Limited Edition


Availability: May 2024

Typical retail prices (inc VAT):

SCM20ASL Limited Edition (pair) £10,500.00.

C4 Sub Mk2 Limited Edition (ea) £7495.00.

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