Sun Audio Unveils New Modular Loudspeaker Concept

Sun Audio Unveils New Modular Loudspeaker Concept

Sun Audio has released its first modular loudspeaker concept, the Purified 4, which are purposely designed for the contemporary audio aficionado who likes to bring their own DSP crossover and power amplifiers into play.

Netherlands based Sun Audio has been working on a loudspeaker system to be used with an external crossover and power amplifiers. Although ‘all-in-one box’ active loudspeakers are cost effective, putting all electronics and software in one box is a compromise.

Keeping the electronics and software (e.g. power supply, amplifiers, DSP, DRC, DAC/ADC, streamer) outboard has several advantages compared to an all-in-one box solution. The main advantage is that you can use the hard- and software you prefer and that it is easier to keep those up-to-date, it is more future proof and therefore durable. Another advantage is that the more ventilated and less resonant environment of the dedicated external enclosures reduces the mechanical wear of the electronics. The chance of failure will be smaller, and if it happens, it will be easier and faster to get your system playing again.

The Purified 4 is available in several variants with PURIFI 4-inch woofers and BlieSMa 25mm and 34mm tweeters. Every variant does include a crossover profile tuned for optimal performance in the listening window and estimated in-room response.

Besides that, the measurement data set will be included which offers the advanced user the possibility to simulate and fine tune the crossover and PEQ to their own specific requirements. The enclosures are designed for a smooth radiation pattern by the use of spherical and rounded shapes. And a full aluminum enclosure ensures resonances are kept to an absolute minimum. A dedicated steel tripod loudspeaker stand is included with the Purified 4.

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