Chord Electronics' British-Built BerTTi Amplifier Launches

New ULTIMA-tech BerTTi amplifier launches worldwide

BerTTi, Chord Electronics’ most affordable ULTIMA-tech stereo power amp, is now available to buy internationally

1 November 2023, Kent, England: Chord Electronics’ BerTTi, the British company’s most affordable ULTIMA-technology stereo power amplifier to date, is now available to buy internationally, via Chord Electronics’ global retailer network.

Designed, engineered and handmade in England, BerTTi brings the amplifier specialist’s next-generation ULTIMA topology to the Table Top (TT) range for the first time.

BerTTi is the perfect partner for the Hugo TT 2 DAC/preamp/headphone amplifier and following the Hugo TT 2’s 20 percent price reduction in September 2023, both devices now have price parity at £3,995 each.

BerTTi’s advanced ULTIMA topology enables the Hugo TT 2 to deliver its full potential — the duo forming a feature-packed, British-made pre/power amp with the benefit of class-leading digital conversion built in, negating the need for an external DAC.

Performance can be increased further still with the addition of the TT range Hugo M Scaler, which adds the ability to upscale audio to 705.6 kHz — 16x CD’s native resolution. The three-box combination of the Hugo TT 2, BerTTi and Hugo M Scaler delivers a trio of advanced proprietary Chord Electronics’ technologies: the ULTIMA amplifier topology, FPGA-based digital upscaling, plus powerful custom-coded D/A conversion.

BerTTi is a fully balanced 75-watt design with advanced dual-feed-forward error-correction topology, which monitors and immediately corrects signals before the output stage. It directly replaces its predecessor, the TToby. 

The amplifier features two modified power supplies for increased performance, plus an additional auxiliary power rail for the front end, which provides extra voltage to drive the custom-made MOSFETs. Further features include both balanced and unbalanced inputs, high-quality gold-plated loudspeaker outputs, plus a 10 A IEC power inlet.

BerTTi’s sleek UK-made metal work is precision-machined from solid aircraft-grade aluminium and is available in a choice of Jett Black or Argent Silver. 

Price and availability

The BerTTi is available now priced at £3,995.


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