Karma-AV At Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2023


Room 332 promises jaw-dropping dynamics from the beautiful new PrimareSPA25 Prisma Home Cinema Integrated Amplifier and a compact coalition of System Audio and SVS


After the long Covid hiatus, Karma-AV is back at Bristol 23 to prove that fabulous AV performance needn’t cost a fortune. Regularly shortlisted for best sound at past shows, the long-established UK disti is setting the bang-for-buck benchmark once again by teaming the acclaimed new Primare SPA25 Prisma AV amp with a System Audio/SVS 7.2.2 system of SA saxoLCR and super-slim saxo 16 and saxo 6 satellites, underpinned by the magical and multi-award-winning SVS 3000 Micro subs, all connected through In-akustik’s award-winning cables.


Providing the power and the processing - and making its UK show debut - Primare’s new SPA25 Prisma is a nine-channel integrated amplifier and eleven-channel processor, designed to provide superior home cinema performance by marrying the latest Atmos/DTS X processing, Dirac Live EQ, 4K HDR switching, eARC, and Primare’sproven Prisma network player technology with prodigious power of 90 watts per channel, all channels driven. This generous power budget makes the characteristically elegant SPA25 Prisma the most powerful integrated amp Primarehas ever produced. 


In addition, the sophisticated adaptive power supply onboard provides for increased power output in stereo mode of 145/250 watts into 8/4 ohms and 290/405 watts into 8/4 ohms with four channels used in bi-amp stereo mode. 



Such flexible power management allows the SPA25 Prisma to offer as many as seventeen customisable input pre-sets, and five customisable speaker setup pre-sets, accommodating a wide variety of digital and analogue input and speaker/DSP configurations including 5.1.4, 7.1.2, or 5.1.2 with bi-amped Front Left/Right channels, and 7.1.4 with addition of a stereo amp for front speakers. 


The SPA25 Prisma also provides eARC advanced high resolution audio and video HDMI connection system for best system interaction and performance; Dirac Live Room Correction technology for the best possible audio performance with any system in any room; Primare’s Prisma network player streaming hundreds of music services including high resolution platforms like Qobuz, Spotify, and Tidal HiFi, and Roon Ready advanced media management software with future free update.


Room 332 sees the SPA25 driving the beautifully room-friendly Saxo floor standing speakers and satellites from the multiple EISA award-winning System Audio range, and twin SVS 3000 Micro subs, which live up to their name in generating best-in-class ‘shockwave’ bass from dual-opposing 8-inch drivers and 800W RMS/2,500W peak power in a cabinet cube measuring less than 12-inches X/Y/Z.


Optimum performance from this stylish and compact system is guaranteed with the use of In-akustik cables and interconnects, hand-built in Germany using the latest science and best materials to minimise signal loss in the cable.


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