Chord Company New Epic Links Benefit Speakers Everywhere

New Epic links offer a speaker terminal upgrade 

Chord Company’s new Epic speaker links provide an instant upgrade over freebie in-the-box pressed metal links

23 December 2022, Wiltshire, England: Chord Company has launched the new Epic speaker links, high-quality loudspeaker terminal link cables designed to upgrade the freebie pressed metal plates commonly provided with most dual-input-terminal loudspeakers.

The new Epic speaker links are hand-built in the Wiltshire factory using the company’s popular EpicXL loudspeaker cable and are terminated with the recently introduced ChorAlloy plated connectors for lower intermodulation effects and a tarnish-free finish.

The EpicXL cable used to create Chord Company’s Epic speaker links, combines elements of the upper-range Signature Reference/XL and Epic speaker cables; the ‘XL‘ suffix signifying the company’s use of the high-performance dielectric XLPE (Cross-linked Polythene).

Available in sets of four, the new Epic speaker links benefit from individually shielded silver-plated connectors, a high-density foil with 95 per cent coverage braid, and XLPE insulation.

The links are available in ChorAlloy-plated 4 mm banana or spade connectors, in all configurations. Measuring 28 cm in length, custom lengths are available to order, too. 

Price and availability

Epic speaker links £150available now.


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